Strategic Media Buys Produce Results for Moneytree

For CMA, strategy, creative, and media are the elements of a successful multi-faceted media plan. The plan CMA developed and implemented for Moneytree was cost-effective, delivered Moneytree’s commercials and brand name to the right demographics on multiple platforms, and reinforced community connections and good will.

In specific, after conducting initial audience research, CMA’s in-house video production team produced a series of radio and television commercials that would resonate with the target audience. Then we used our relationships and negotiation skills to connect with this audience through innovative ad placements on network and cable television and drive-time radio, digital ads, and advertising partnerships with local professional sports teams.

Plan Components

Television was the flagship medium for delivering Moneytree’s message. Our media plan targeted network programs and cable networks that would over-deliver and over-index Moneytree’s audiences. By focusing on early-evening and late-night TV we developed fertile connections with targeted viewers. We also found unique opportunities to showcase Moneytree’s message during the Academy Awards, regional sports broadcasts, season premieres and finales, and other programs that audiences were likely to watch live.

  • Consistent messaging combined with opportune programming maximized the impact and efficiency of these media buys.

Radio bolstered our television campaign, allowing us both to inform and engage our target audience through a combination of live reports delivered by popular on-air personalities and a radio spot buy. We capitalized on the fact that radio listeners are naturally drawn to on-air personalities, who essentially become “friends in the car.” This relationship is even stronger during the commute or even a casual drive, so a focal point of the campaign was live traffic reports on Total Traffic.

  • By owning Total Traffic segments in Seattle, Las Vegas, Denver, and San Diego, we made Moneytree’s brand stand out to regional audiences.

Digital Media buys engaged a broad audience both online and on mobile devices in the form of ongoing search and display ad campaigns on Google AdWords and Bing, as well as video campaigns on YouTube. These increased website traffic and also returned valuable audience analytics.

  • Within four months of managing Moneytree’s paid search and display ad campaigns, CMA was able to reduce the cost per acquisition for new Moneytree applicants by over 40%. Our overall media plan increased new applications for “payday loans” by 29% in the second quarter of 2013, as compared to the same period in 2012.

Advertising Partnerships connected Moneytree with its target audiences and fostered positive brand awareness by leveraging and reinforcing the company’s community connections. Moneytree partnered with local professional sports teams to make sponsored home-game donations to local charities.

  • Through advertising partnerships with the Seattle Mariners, Seattle Storm, Seattle Seahawks, Boise Hawks, and Tacoma Rainiers, Moneytree donated more than $30,000 to Pacific Northwest charities in 2014.

Contact CMA today to learn more about our media buying services. Our recent media clients include the Seattle Storm, Washington Traffic Safety Commission, Clover Park Technical College, and more.

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