Hotel Modera’s Custom Facebook Page

CMA provides full-service marketing solutions for Portland’s Hotel Modera, including web development, Peak analytics, and search and social media marketing. We developed and continue to manage a complete social marketing strategy for the boutique hotel. The campaign involves Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and email marketing, all of which keep Modera connected to a virtual explosion of social media users. Our reputation management system and Peak analytical tools relay the combined social media feedback from all venues, allowing Hotel Modera to easily access user feedback concerning customer service and brand. The resulting dialogue boosts Modera’s friendly image, while creating a naturally engaged community of customers and referrals around the hotel.

While developing Hotel Modera’s custom Facebook Timeline, CMA also embedded eye-catching visuals, like an active slider, and implemented a reservation portal within Facebook. Guests can now make reservations and sign up for the Hotel Modera newsletter directly from the Timeline.

The world of social media marketing is constantly evolving. With CMA Social Marketing Services, Hotel Modera stays at the crest of social media business trends.

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